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July 08, 2009


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Oh my! I love your back yard! Your flower pot water fall is just great!!
Hugs, Lisa

Jean Eakin

Lisa, I LOVED seeing your photos. I love it all. Everywhere you look you see something wonderful. I adore all your unique ways of using old treasures and it makes your home so special. Thanks for brightening my day.
Jean in virginia


What great pictures, Lisa. Love the old kitchen sink...neat idea!


Lisa, your yard is so cute. Love it! You've given me some ideas. Granted, I only have a balcony, but I do love container plants and flowers, so thanks for sharing the photos. :-) Marcia


Your yard is so cute. I just love all of your vignettes.

Your old kettle was probably used for making apple butter. I have one and my Grandma and great aunt used it every fall.The apple butter making was a three day project. First day they peeled. Second they cooked and stirred that old kettle all day over an open fire in the back yard. Third day the apple butter was canned. Good memories!!!!

Connie in Virginia


I have truly enjoyed the tour of your backyard. It is simply gorgeous. It looks like a calm away from the hectic life. I truly love it. Thank you for sharing!



I think the flower pot waterfall is so artistic a really great idea, all your arrangements in the yard look nice and homely. best wishes Julie.C


Im already inlove with the inside of your home but I L O V E the outside! Oh my gosh! Where do I begin. I will be looking at these pics all day , my creative mind is going!
Thank you so much for sharing, Im going outside right now for a little re arrangement on my patio!
Have a great day and go enjoy your patio & flowers. You did a wonderful job... beautiful !

Diva Kreszl

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!!! I just love "visiting" your place, happy, happy, happy!!!


Cute, cute, cute! Love it! :)


Your pictures are gorgeous!! And I love love LOVE that plant stand! Are the pots plastic or real terracotta? And how are they attached? I need to try to figure out how to make one!!


I love your backyard! Your flowers are amazing!

Donna Marie


This is my first visit and it is a joy!! Your flowers and yard are gorgeous! And YES--paint the garage red! Great pics!


Hello, how did you do the waterfall planter?

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Megan Payne

Wow! How did you do those? What I like about your backyard is it is very bright and is ,indeed one of a kind. Plus, the flowers made your patio look brighter and more colorful. Such a sunny place to live!

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