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October 11, 2008


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Jean Eakin

Life IS a very amazing thing. We never know what it will bring to us. I agree blogs do open doors that were never possible for many of us before. It like picking up the phone in the "old days" and finding out what is going on in our friends daily lives. The thing is its better because we get to see "pictures" to go along with the conversation. How great is this.
You have a wonderful weekend,
Jean in Virginia


I have been reading your blog for quite some time and just wanted to say Hi to you. I love reading it!! I also love the music you have, I added some of it to my blog, lol!! Hope your having a great weekend,

Susie Homemaker

Hi Lisa..Your words are so meaningful...and how wonderful that thru the magic of technology, you have found a new "Dear Friend"...as always, it is a pleasure to read your posts.

Warmest Regards,

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage Two

Wow how exciting! What is the name of her blog? Isn't it so amazing to find friends from all over the world, it is so amazing to me how the blogs make our big world out there seem small! I get so excited about the fact that with a couple of clicks of some buttons and we can talk to someone so far away!! I'm so glad that I was able to be part of it!!


I know how you feel-getting to know someone you will likely never meet is so fun and almost weird in a way, but such a blessing.
Love all your decor and your bedroom...that quilt!! I LOVE it!!


Thank you Lisa for your kind words. May I say what a priviledge it is for me to have found you. Your warmth and sincerity reaches me like a virtual snuggly blanket across the ocean, here in deepest darkest West Devon.
Friends Forever !

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